Somewhere between
This house

I don't know much about much
And what I don't know I don't say
And when I have nothing to say
I'm quiet

When there's occasion to holler I'll buy it
I can make noise with the best
But most of the rest of the time
I'm quiet

I've made mistakes in the past
Things that I blush over yet
But I hardly ever regret
Having been quiet

I have a TV at home
And I do truly enjoy it
I can just leave it alone
And it's quiet

I'm not unsociable no
People are fine in repose
Somehow my favorites are those
Who are quiet

Quiet's a wonderful sound
Sweeter than oboe or fiddle
Someday I'm going to be found in the middle
Of quiet

Sing me a song of the sea
Soft as the breath of a breeze
Sing me to sleep and then please
Keep quiet
© Malvina Reynolds 1961