Somewhere between
This house

On Monday I think I’m a sinner
On Tuesday I think I’m a saint
On Wednesday I don’t know what I am
But I know that a saint I ain’t

    Somewhere between the good and the evil
    Somewhere between the right and the wrong
    Somewhere between the kind and the mean
    Somewhere between that’s where I belong
On Monday I’d steal from a baby
On Tuesday I’d give you my shirt
On Wednesday I lie on my couch and moan
‘Cause my conscience is doing me dirt
On Monday I rail at my kinfolk
On Tuesday I’m gentle and good
On Wednesday I wonder and count every blunder
And I wish that I knew where I stood
If I could just peek at the record
I’d know if it’s mucky or clean
I’d know if I’m destined for heaven or hell
Or float like a bird in between
© Malvina Reynolds 1959